Who are we?The six of us (yes - we are up to 6 now) live together in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. We love life, family, friends, travel and food (not necessarily in that order). I won't mention names but at least one of us loves pooping on the floor and keeping everybody else awake at night (Sorry to let out your secrets Alanah).


So prior to meeting Tina I was not a dog person (I have bad allergies, hate cleaning-up hair and poop, etc). The kids had begged me their entire lives for a puppy. Well, within a week of our first date Tina got a puppy (Zoe). It took me a bit to get over my allergies to her but I ended-up adoring Zoe - she is awesome. So when Tina moved in you would think the kids would have got their puppy fix. Apparently not. The hounding for a second dog started immediately. "2 is easier than one" "Zoe needs a play mate" Ultimately I caved-in and as a result we went searching for a new pup. I setup an IFTTT for new Craigslist dog postings and day 2 Reese popped-up (or "pupped-up") and the rest is history.

You can see some pics of Reese in her Flickr album here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm7frwqJ

Our 2017 Summer Trip!

We made it home safe and sound. We had an awesome vacation and are all recovering from jet lag (and being together non-stop for 3.5 weeks). Internet in Greece was crappy so I couldn't update the website, but am working on it now that I'm back in the States.

  • We we supposed to return on 7/19/17 but flight issues delayed our return until early on 7/21/17. It also meant we got to spend an unplanned day and a half in Norway. Extended vacation? #firstWorldProblems
  • Having finished a photography class, Alanah was in-charge of pics on the trip. @selfies
  • Rob and Tina saw Adele's final show in London! FYI: At least one of us is a fake fan.
  • It was a challenge driving on the other side of the road in Irelend. Luckily we were able to rely on Tina and her CDL;)
  • Alanah turned 16 while we are away. Wait - 16?!? #dadSigh

You can see pics as I post them by clicking on the 'See Pics Here' link for each day under the 'Trip Itinerary' section on the right. We've been back for a while now and I have yet to finish posting pics from the trip. I never claimed to be worthy. I'll be working on it though so check back.

Inis Mor

Trip Itinerary

  • 26 jun2017
    Kissimmee, Florida
    The meth and geezer capital

    We picked-up a rental car and drove the 442 miles from Mount Pleasant, SC to Kissimmee, FL where we rented an apartment for the night. Long day of driving, especially considering the traffic jams and storms, but we made it to the Sunshine State! We stopped to get our grub on at a pizza joint on the way, plus had to pull off the highway at one point because the rain was blinding. Four people in a car together (and 2 of them teenagers) for the majority of a day and not a single homocide...I'd consider that a success! See Pics Here

    Day 1 - Drive to Kissimmee

  • 27 jun2017
    Orlando, Florida
    Harry Potter and coasters

    We woke up early (by vacation standards) to get some IHOP (after all - it is an "International" vacation) and get to Islands of Adventure. We want to get in as much time as possible given that it is supposed to rain most of Tuesday. We are hoping the guy who spins the wheel at the weather service was off and that it will be a beautiful day. Either way we should all sleep on the red-eye to London. See Pics Here

  • 28 jun2017
    London, England
    'Ello gov'na

    We arrived in London! Tina and Rob went to the Wembley to see Adele. The place was packed (98,000 people) but the show was amazing! Alanah and Jonah enjoyed some chill time at the apartment we rented and then were lucky enough to get some time with Mike and Taryn (visiting London at the same time). See Pics Here

  • 29 jun2017
    London, England
    Look Kids: Big Ben!

    Alanah and I went up the Shard to see London from high. Later in the day we joined Matt and Taryn for a walk around the city to see the normal tourist sights. We took a spin in the London Eye which was cool. See Pics Here

  • 30 jun2017
    Dublin, Ireland
    We're Dub-Steppin'

    We traveled this day. We left London for Dublin, Ireland. We checked into our apartment and Jonah and I walked around trying to find some food. Turns out only pubs and Chinese restaurants are open at 8pm on Friday nights...so there is that. See Pics Here

  • 1 jul2017
    Dublin, Ireland
    Enjoyin' some Guinness

    The family designated this day as a lazy day. We ended-up having some lattes with crepes, walking around a little and resting (and more resting). We got to see much of what Dublin has to offer, including: pubs, cemeteries, churches, a big-ass hospital, a prison, oh - did I mention pubs? See Pics Here

  • 2 jul2017
    Leprechaun Huntin'

    We drove across the country, from Dublin to Connemara (it was a little challenging with the driver's seat, gear shift and the road lanes being switched). Then we caught a puddle-jumper to the island of Inis Mór where we did a hop-on-hop-off tour with some family and then attended a welcome dinner. See Pics Here

  • 3 jul2017
    Aran Islands, Ireland
    Tying the Celtic Knot

    This day we attended the beautiful wedding ceremony and reception of Brian and Colie. What an awesome event and time with family and friends. See Pics Here

  • 4 jul2017
    A sheep, a drum and a snake fall off a cliff. Ba-Dumm-Tss

    We played the day a little off-script. We ended-up taking a ferry to Doolin, seeing the Cliffs of Moher and then ending the night in Galway. See Pics Here

  • 5 jul2017
    Galway City, Ireland
    If you’re enough lucky to be Irish... You’re lucky enough!

    Took it super easy during the day. We met family out in Eyre Square area for dinner. Rob was forced to take two trips to the gelato and ice cream shops to accommodate everybody (oh what sacrifices he makes). See Pics Here

  • 6 jul2017
    What do you call an Irishman sitting on a couch? "Paddy O'Furniture"

    Today we took our time getting from Galway back to Dublin as our flight is the coming morning. Since Rob had driven westbound, Tina drove the trip eastbound (of course like a champ holding a CDL). See Pics Here

  • 7 jul2017
    Athens, Greece
    With all of the inventions that the Greeks brought us, how come plumbing that can handle TP wasn't a priority of theirs?

    First half of the day was traveling from Dublin to Athens. Second half was a search for a great dinner joint. We found it: OROSCOPO. The food just kept coming (1/2 of it we didn't even order). See Pics Here

  • 8 jul2017
    Athens, Greece
    Καλώς Ορίσατε

    We took-on the blazing heat, suicidal scooter drivers and Lord-knows-what dipping from the upper stories of the buildings to see the temple dedicated to the goddess Athena as well as other places of historical significance...blah, blah - we cooled-off with frozen lemonades:) See Pics Here

  • 9 jul2017
    Santorini, Greece
    Dad, are we there yet?!

    We took the speed ferry from Athens to Santorini (and that was 4 hours...how long is the slow ferry?). We got settled on the quiter side of the island in a home we would call "the Cave"; it was an old winery - the master used to be where the grapes were crushed. See Pics Here

  • 10 jul2017
    Santorini, Greece
    Ruins and SUPing

    We visited the Akritiri Archaelogical Site where a volcano that erupted over 3,600 years ago buried the city in ash. The people at that time had multi-story buildings and plumbing. Later in the day we hit a local beach for some stand-up paddle boarding. See Pics Here

  • 11 jul2017
    Santorini, Greece
    Heaven is a place on Earth...possibly Greece

    We hiked to Red Beach today (we didn't realize it was a hike when we started the journey). Today we found out that not all Greek restaurants are fantastic (having a name like 'The Of Anus' should have been a clue). Some weed-tea made us forget. See Pics Here

  • 12 jul2017
    Santorini, Greece
    Playing footsy with fishies

    This day we ventured out to Thira where we went to one of those places where fish eat the dead skin off of your feet (I alone started a fish obesity epidemic). Then we went to the beach in Monolithos. See Pics Here

  • 16 jul2017
    Santorini, Greece
    Can we stay?!

    We went into Fira to return our rental car and make our way to the port. Though I am not a fan of the crowds, I have to admit that some of the views (as well as restaurants) there are awesone. See Pics Here

  • 16-17 jul2017
    Crete, Greece
    I need Vitamin Sea
    Couple of days enjoying Crete (does that make us cretins?!).

  • 18-19 jul2017
    Headed Home
    Traveling back home these days, stopping in New York.